Promoting and contributing to the sustainable co-existence of the Kwinana Industry, the Community and the Environment.

Environment & Planning Committee (EPC)

The Kwinana Industrial Area is Western Australia's pre-eminent industrial complex with many of its industries recognised as industry leaders in environmental management and environmental performance.

The KIC Environment and Planning Committee focuses on facilitating continual improvement in industry performance in the area of environmental management, and engages Government and the community to achieve cooperative outcome based approaches to environment and planning regulation to the benefit of industry and its key stakeholders.


Committee Objectives
The committee's objective is to provide technical information and advice, based on rigorous scientific research, in support of KIC's objectives to proactively influence the community and government agencies on environmental and planning matters.



Air Quality
The Committee oversaw KIC's involvement in the Phase 4 DEC Kwinana Airshed Study through its participation on the Study Advisory Group (KASAG). An interim report was published and the findings presented at the Communities & Industries Forum in April 2012. Further test work is planned to complete the study. Equipment previously located in Midland will be relocated to the Kwinana area and used to monitor ammonia and volatile organic compounds (of particular relevance to KIC members).
The State Department of Health published its final report into the respiratory health of local primary school children. The Committee oversaw KIC's involvement in this study. The outcomes of the study were presented at the Communities and Industries Forum and communication leaflets were provided to parents of the children who participated in the study. The study indicates no significant difference between children in the Kwinana area, with areas elsewhere in Perth and interstate. A follow up study was recommended to investigate a slightly higher incidence of wheeze in children who lived in Kwinana in their early years. If this study is implemented, the committee will again oversee the KIC involvement.

Noise Management
No further studies were conducted into noise from the KIA.
The long awaited amendments to the Noise Regulations have been delayed again due to insufficient consultation with some stakeholders. The proposed amendments incorporate the request from KIC to declare a special zone for industry-to-industry noise limits. A request for exemption from the existing regulations was put on hold pending the imminent release of the revised regulations.

Water Quality
The release of the Cockburn Sound Management Council annual "State of the Sound" report was delayed (due to internal review). The report again shows that the Sound is in good health and that industry is not causing any detriment to the water body.

Issues associated with planned or potential encroachment into the industrial buffer continued during the year. Due to intense lobbying by KIC the Minister for Planning has issued a directive that there will be no more planning decisions until resolution of the technical issues related to defining the buffer. As a result of this the City of Rockingham has removed an area within the buffer zone from its rezoning application, putting that part of the Application responsible for the conflict aside. The KIC support for the Western Trade Coast Research Alliance, which will include technical analysis of the buffer, was a significant contributor to that decision. There is now some doubt about the future of the research alliance due to a lack of government funding support. This is not necessarily a bad outcome for KIC as the Ministerial directive has given a temporary reprieve to the buffer which allows time for alternate protection measures such as a Special Use Zone to be created. The Committee continues to oversee the KIC implementation of the strategy to protect the buffer. 

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