Promoting and contributing to the sustainable co-existence of the Kwinana Industry, the Community and the Environment.

Kwinana Industries Public Safety Group (KIPS)

In 1991, a number of major Kwinana industries formed a mutual aid group to provide a forum which was focussed on joint industry emergency response and public safety.

In 2002, this structure provided the basis for the establishment of the Kwinana Industries Public Safety Group (KIPS) with the aim of providing a similar cooperative approach, based on the major hazard facilities with issues relating to community and employee safety and the environment.

KIC Member companies continue to provide presentations to the public on their safety systems, operations and development works.  These informative presentation are conducted at the quarterly Community & Industries Forum (CIF) meetings.  

KIPS was set up through the Kwinana Industries Council in conjunction with a range of key stakeholders including:

  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
  • WA Police 
  • State Government regulatory authorities
  • Local Councils
  • Community representatives.
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