Air Quality

Development of industry in Kwinana combined with growing industry and community awareness resulted in regional air quality becoming an issue of community interest from the 1980s onwards.

As the regional population increased in the area, a Kwinana air quality buffer zone was created and formalised by the 1992 Kwinana Environmental Protection Policy. The buffer assists industry and the State Government to manage industrial emissions so as to maintain a healthy level of air quality for employees and surrounding communities.

With the number of people living in the region continuing to grow, it has become even more important that air quality is of the highest standard, and for the buffer zone between industry and residential occupation to be preserved.

In addition to industrial sources of air emissions, there are larger sources of air contaminants from non-industrial emissions such as motor vehicles and domestic wood fires. It is therefore important that Government, industry and the community work together to continue monitoring air quality in WA.


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