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They have formed friendships, discovered a range of career opportunities that Kwinana industry has to offer, and have been inspired by industry personnel working in the current industrial workforce.

In a special ceremony held last night 34 students from local high schools in the area, graduated from the 2020 KIC iSCIENCE Project.

The students, who came together from 10 high schools in the Rockingham, Kwinana and Cockburn areas, were all selected to take part in the prestigious program by their schools..

In Partnership with Murdoch University, the program aims to provide Year 10 students with the opportunity to explore and understand the significance of industry in the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA), and the broad range of career options that can be available to them. It also gives them an insight into courses they can undertake at Murdoch University at the end of Year 12.

Over seven days, the students were involved in a variety of activities, which boosted their self-confidence and provided them with a wealth of knowledge about the varied roles and career pathways that are available industry. The students also visited Murdoch University, the Construction Futures Centres at Belmont and did some volunteering at Native Trees WA.

Kwinana Industries Council director Chris Oughton said last night’s graduation ceremony highlighted the importance of providing a program that is specifically designed for high school students in the area.

“The iSCIENCE Project is a great opportunity for the local students to receive first-hand knowledge about possible career paths that they can set their sights on and then look at the opportunities at Murdoch University to help them on their career pathway”, Mr Oughton said. 

“The students in this year’s program have embraced all of the activities and are walking away with skills that will help them with future employment opportunities.”

 “I am confident that the students who graduated last night, will go on to use these newly learnt skills in their final years at high school and beyond Year 12, and I am also confident that the iSCIENCE Project has had a positive effect on all of the participating students.”

During last night’s celebration event, students were able to reflect and share their experiences with principals, teachers, parents, people from industry, and community members.

The students spoke about their many team building and leadership activities throughout the program, as well as their industry visits.

The number of students who have participated in the program since its inception in 2015, will reach 190 this year, a very proud achievement for the KIC.


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